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Jay Casper's Denver Marketing RÉSUMÉ | SEO

Jay Casper's Denver Marketing Resume.  Results oriented, data-driven veteran offers strategic digital marketing - SEO, PPC, Social Media.  Call him at 303-522-2791.

Denver Marketing Résumé - SEO - Jay Casper

This Denver marketing résumé site contains a detailed history of my marketing career, including my interactive marketing résumé and many (perhaps too many) samples of my work. 

As you explore this site you will also find several useful tools, tips, techniques and discussions regarding marketing campaigns.

This marketing résumé demonstrates my web marketing SEO abilities. If you found this site, chances are it's because my web marketing résumé SEO is effective. 

I currently serve as President of Data Driven Marketing, a Denver SEO agency that applies scientific methodology to digital marketing.  We have been building, brightening and promoting education company brands since 2004, and our digital marketing team stands eager to prove itself to you with results that will drive revenue.

While things are going great for Data Driven Marketing, like all professionals, it behooves me to keep my Denver marketing resume sharp and to keep myself open to new marketing opportunities that may arise.  That's why this SEO and digital marketing résumé functions as a marketing manager resume, marketing director resume, and marketing VP résumé.  If the right Vice President of Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer opportunity presents itself, I remain open.

I've enjoyed an adventurous career.  From my start as a U.S. Naval Aviator, where I flew SH-60F helicopters, to my second career in telecommunications marketing, to becoming a pioneer in digital marketing (I started doing SEO in 1996), it's been a fantastic ride.  I'm looking forward to the next chapters.

Please explore my formal résumé, work samples, and references.



3432 Alton Ct., Denver, Colorado 80238

(303) 522-2791


I think of Jay as a marketing scientist. He gathers data to understand the situation and plots a strategic course to business goals. He’s obsessed with measurement. He tests, measures, tweaks, and scales up. He demonstrated repeatedly over the years that he can obtain continuous improvement with this long-term disciplined approach.
— Cole Thompson - Weston Educational, Inc. - CEO


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